The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the City of Washburn are combining efforts to reconstruct Bayfield Street (Hwy 13), from Thompson Creek to Superior Avenue. Work will include utility replacement, road reconstruction and other items to be identified. The anticipated construction will be from 2024-2027.


Wisconsin DOT          


City of Washburn - Utility Upgrades

  • Water main
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Stormwater sewer
  • Downtown decorative street lights
  • To be determined: sidewalks, turn lanes

As the City and WisDOT prepare for this project, construction will occur in two phases. Both phases will start at Washington Avenue and work outward. 


  1. Discuss preparations with the Washburn Chamber of Commerce, business and other property owners along the route that can be taken to allow access and traffic to businesses during construction.
  2. Inspect the water and sewer lateral services to all properties along the construction route to determine which properties will be required  to replace laterals.
  3. Work with the public and WisDOT to determine the best detour routes for the community during the phases of the project, as well as scenarios for traffic flow.
  4. Plan for financing the overall project as well as addressing considerations for sidewalk replacement and street lighting.
Map highlighting the reconstruction of Bayfield Street

Phase 1 - (2nd Ave W to Thompson Creek)

Map highlighting detour routes around Bayfield Street
  • At the February 7, 2022 City Council meeting, Council approved the multi-directional detour route along Bigelow Street and Holman Lakeview Drive. Council further approved one stage of construction.
  • Construction zone is between the arrows on the map, starting at 2nd Ave W and working west. Detailed Map
  • Anticipated time line:  April 2024 -  October 2024

Phase 2 - (2nd Ave W to Superior Ave)

Map highlighting detour route for Bayfield Street
  • Construction zone is between the arrows on the map, starting at 2nd Ave W and working east.
  • Anticipated detour route is multi-directional along Washington Avenue and Maki Road,  with construction occurring in one stage.
  • Anticipated start time: April 2027


Feedback is welcome as we continue working with WisDOT. Provide your comments here.

Update - Phase 1 Bayfield Street Reconstruction Project 05/08/24

The Bayfield Street Phase 1 is moving along well, despite the rain that we've been getting.  The Washburn Chamber of Commerce has put together a nice map of how to find area businesses with the detour route in place.  You can find more information at their website HERE.  Residents should also be aware of the following items:

  • Cross traffic at the intersection at 4th Ave W. will be closed for water & sewer installation. The 6th Ave W intersection is now open for cross traffic. This change is expected for 3 weeks, and then it will move back.
  • As water lines are installed, there may be a loss of service for a few hours to businesses and residents where work is being completed. 
  • Expect construction work and related noise between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM Monday through Saturday.
This is a map to help in locating and accessing Bayfield Street business around the construction and detour route.